FSS *Full Single Screen* Mods of Pre-Existing Visual Pinball VPX Tables Vol 1,2 & 2.5

Updated: Sept. 26, 2018 This page is a WIP and will change from time to time.

FSS was created in mid to early 2017, The conversion of visual pinball tables into this unified format has now grown into the hundreds. As this collection grows so do the issues, and to address those issues this site was created.

Here at fss-pinball.com you will find everything you need to either get started with, or find anything about FSS pinball tables.

To start you are best to join the FSS Pinball Google Group. From there you can request to access the FSS tables, get info on getting started, or ask to get help...

Please be aware that not all the tables are available to all members at once, 100+ tables are avaible to all who join, and currently 30+ tables are reserved to those members who have built and demonstrated an FSS portrait mode cab or rig.

FSS Revision 2.5 September 2018

Revision 2.5 involved: implementing color correction (CCX) across all tables, Adding Persistent GI (PGI) to the day & night cycle, to allow GI to be visible, even during high daylight simulaton. Continued Multi-layered Shadow work, adding fast flips (still in progress), Also the first use of my new EM-SS backglass lighting script, to handle user feedback info such as game over, tilt, and match etc... Many new playfields were added.

Revisions 2.5 tables will be indicated with an 'R2.5'when I have a chance to update the site, this new icon will apear in the lower left corner.

FSS Revision 2 May 2018

Revision 2 involved, improving day & night transition code and its implementation across all tables, Multi-layered Shadows improving table depth, static and animated toppers, background images and table backlighting.

The website has had a major update, and now includes gallery style image viewer, also updated all new images of both new and updated table releases. All revision 2 tables are indicated with an 'R2' icon in the lower left corner.

FSS Revision 1 Jan. 2018

Revision 1 includes backbox frames for all tables, day & night transition code applied to all tables, xml files for Landscape, portrait in landscape, and 16.9 formats are provided. A great many lighting corrections across all tables has been implemented, as well as the removal of FXAA ,and AO (I now use reshade for AO and AA).

FSS Initial Release Early 2017

FSS implementation,FSS backglass/lighting and animation, PF re-lighting, EM/SS code for FSS, animation sequencer script and implementation.

Release Notes

FSS are best visually on a 16:9/1080p+ 42inch+ monitor, with both monitor/TV rotated on it's side, and OS display rotated to portrait. Only then will you truly enjoy the full FSS pinball experience, zoom images and see for yourselves. note: Uses ReShade v3.0 for AA, AO, and image sharpening.

FSS Pinball Google Group Request Portal

Visit the FSS-Pinball Blog

All Currently Available FSS tables
All screenshots are of the most current table implementations


AC-DC (Stern 2012) Back In Black LE v1.2

[FSS Only] Author VPX ninuzzu.

Addams Family, The (Bally 1992) v1.4.1

[FSS Only] Author VPX Sliderpoint thx: Dark, BilBox, 3rdAxis, BorgDog, arconovum (plastics, playfield, gameblades)

Amazing Spider-Man, The (Gottlieb 1980)

[FSS Only] Author VPX xenonph,gtxjoe.

Amazon Hunt (Gottlieb 1983)

Author VPX Batch, JPSalas,32Assassin,HauntFreaks.

Attack and Revenge From Mars (Bally 1999) v1.2.0

[FS.DT.FSS] Author VPX JPSalas

Austin Powers (Stern 2001)

[FSS Only] Author VPX Javier, 32Assassin, DStruct, Fran666, Ron, CK










Baby Pac-Man (Bally 1982)

[FSS Only] Author VP9 unclewilly VPX 32Assassin, plastics: Gangafarmer. ***WARNING*** This table only works launched from windows explorer, not from inside editor. Also only works in 2 video modes using provided xml files.

Banzai Run (Williams 1988)

[FSS Only] Author VPX arconovum

Back to the Future (Data East 1990)

Author VP9 jpsalas, VPX cyberpez, TST:wrd1972,rothbauerw ,IMG:ClarkKent, 3DM:Dark, 3DM:Zany, RAMP:flupper1, SCR:nFozzy, PICS:evileye/wrd1972

Bad Cats (Williams, 1989) v1.2

[FS.DT.FSS] Author VPX unclewilly, ClarkKent, Dark

Batman (Data East 1990) v1.12

[FSS Only] Author VPX Javier1515

Big Bang Bar (Capcom 1996)

[FS.DT.FSS] VP9 Unclewilly , VPX Randr

Big Buck Hunter Pro (Stern 2009)

[FSS Only] Author VPX 32Assassin & 85vette.

Big Guns (Williams 1987)

Author VPX 32assasin

Black Hole (Gottlieb 1981) v1.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX cyberpez.

Black Knight 2000 (Williams 1989)

[FS.DT.FSS] Author VPX flupper

Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball (Bally 1991)

[FSS Only] Author VPX wrd1972.



Cactus Canyon (Bally 1998) v1.2

[FSS Only] Author VPX Ninuzzu & Tom Tower.

CARtoons (Freaky Prod. 2017)

Author VPX HauntFreaks, BorgDog, Sliderpoint

Centigrade 37 (Gottlieb 1977)

[FSS only] Author VPX Bord

Cirqus Voltaire (Bally 1997)

[FSS only] Author VP9 JPSalas, batch VPX Dozer, NFozzy, Ninuzzu

Class of 1812 (Gottlieb 1991)

Author VPX Tom Tower/Ninuzzu

Congo (Williams 1995)

[FSS only] Author VPX nFozzy

Creature From the Black Lagoon(Bally 1992)

[FSS Only] Author VPX fuzzel, flupper1, rothbauerw, res:randr, res:clarkkent, img:hauntfreaks.

Cyclone (Williams 1988) v1.3

[FSS Only] Author VP9 Melons VPX Sliderpoint, ramps: Flupper



Defender (Williams 1982)

[FSS Only] Author VPX 32Assassin.

Demolition Man (Williams1994) v1.2

[FSS Only] Author VPX Knorr and Kiwi

Devil's Dare (Gottlieb 1982)

[FSS Only] Author VPX Mfuegemann, 32Assassin

Diner (Williams 1990) v1.1

[FSS Only] Author VPX Flupper.

Dr. Dude (Midway 1990) v1.4

[FSS Only] Author VPX wrd1972


Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally 1980)

[FSS Only] Author VPX: 32Assassin

Elektra (Bally 1981)

[FSS Only] Author VPX 32assassin, gfx Fran666.

Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally 1989)

[FSS Only] Author VPX 32Assassin, 3D:Tom Tower, CK:HD plastic scans.

Embryon(Bally 1980) v1.4

[FS.DT.FSS] Author VP9/VPX ICPJuggla & Fren VP9 by ICPjuggla,Herweh OldSkoolGamer Thanks Plumb for playfield scan Francisco666 for plastics. Pacdude for lamp ids from his Embryon table, zany for 3d-flippers,bumpercaps & gates

Evel Knievel (Bally 1977) v4.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX HauntFreaks, allknowing, hmueck, freneticamnesic, arngrim.


F-14 Tomcat (Williams 1987) v1.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX Ganjafarmer, 32Assassin,Flupper. Has both original/alternate backglass

Family Guy (Stern 2007) v1.1

[FSS Only] Author VPX diemonik, coach ninuzzu.

Fast Draw (Gottlieb 1975) v1.4

[FSS Only] Author VPX mfuegemann, snd Lars, EM JPSalas, gfx Hauntfreaks, 3d Zany.

Fathom (Bally 1981) Vintage Mod

[FSS Only] Author VPX Vogliadicane.

Fireball II (Bally 1981) v1.3

[FSS Only] Author VPX javier1515.

Firepower (Williams 1980) v1.0.3

[FSS Only] Author VPX walamab

Firepower II (Williams 1983) v1.1

[FSS Only] Author VPX walamab

Fish Tales (Williams 1992) v1.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX pinball58.

Flash Gordon (Bally 1981) v1.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX rothbauerw, gfx:Cyberprez, phy:WRD1972, PM5:Sindbad, Scapino, lfx:Flupper, B2S:Wildman.

Frontier (Bally 1980)

Author VPX bord THX:gtxjoe, dark, cyberpez, kiwi, sliderpoint, 32assassin, hauntfreaks

Funhouse (Williams 1990) v1.1

[FS.DT.FSS ] Author VPX: Wrd1972

Future Spa (Bally 1979) v1.0

[FS.DT.FSS ] Author VPX: JPSalas, arconovum(playfield,plastics)



Genesis (Gottlieb 1986) v1.0

[FSS Only] Author VP9 JPSalas VPX nFozzy, dip:Inkochnito.

Genie (Gottlieb 1979) PhyMod

[FS.DT.FSS] Author VPX 32assasin

Gilligans Island (Bally 1991)

[FSS Only] Author VPX Dark, gfx:Ben Logan, 3d/gfx:Dark, phy/lfx:ICPjuggla, scr:mfuegemann, res:zany, DOF:Arngrim

Gorgar (Williams 1979)

Author VPX fuzzel, HauntFreaks



Harlem Globetrotters (Bally 1978) v1.2.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX: JPSalas.

Haunted House (Gottlieb 1982) beta

Author VPX cyberpez, IMG:bodydump, Res:Arconovum, Wrd1972/Roth

Hawkman (Taito 1983)

[FSS Only] Author VPX: 32Assassin

High Speed (Williams 1986)

[FSS Only] Author VPX: 32Assassin

Hook (Data East 1992)v1.00

[FSS Only] Author VPX Javier, credit: Dark, Akilles, Zani, Cesar Emanuel, Dev Team, JPSalas.

Humpty Dumpty (Gottlieb 1947) v3.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX: Randr

Hyperball (Williams 1981) v1.0a

[FSS Only] Author VPX: Lizard



Indiana Jones (Williams 1993) v1.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX ninuzzu

Indianapolis 500 (Bally 1995)

Author VP9 JpSalas , VPX Dozer316, 3DM:Flupper



Jive Time (Williams 1970)

Author VPX Rothbauerw GFX:bord 3D: 32assassin, kiwi, acronovum MISC: borgdog, looserman, randr

Joker Poker (Gottlieb 1978)

[FS.DT.FSS] Author VPX 32assassin/BorDog

Johnny Mnemonic (Williams 1995)

[FSS Only] Author VPX ninuzzu

Judge Dredd (Bally 1993)

[FSS Only] Author VPX: Dozer

Junk Yard (Williams 1996)

[FSS Only] Author VPX mfuegemann 3D:Fuzzel/Dark, LIT:Hauntfreaks

Jurassic Park (Data East 1993)

[FSS Only] Author VPX Dark, Bodydump, Randr, Rothbauerw, Flupper, Hauntfreaks, Lobotomy.



Kiss (Bally 1979)

Author VPX JBG4208, 32assassin, Batch, JPsalas, arngrim, Borgdog



Lord of the Rings (Stern 2003) v1.1

[FSS Only] Author VPX coindropper

Lethal Weapon 3 (Data East 1992) v1.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX javier1515, ROM:fran666



Machine, The - Bride Of Pinbot (Williams 1991)

[FSS Only] Author VPX wrd1972

Mata Hari (Bally 1977) v1.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX: Allknowing2012

Medieval Madness(Williams, 1997) v1.1

[FSS Only] Author VP9 JPSalas/ VPX Tom Tower , Ninuzzu, and many others

Medusa (Bally 1981) v1.0.2

[FSS Only] Author VPX JPsalas

Memory Lane (Stern 1978) v.09a

[FSS Only] Author VPX: ScottyVH

Metallica (Stern 2013)

[FSS Only] Author VPX FreneticAmnesic

Monster Bash (Williams 1998) v1.3

[FSS Only] Author VPX Randr

Mr. and Ms. PacMan (Bally 1982)

Author VPX Shockman

Mustang LE (Stern 2014)

[FSS Only] VPX Dozer, ICPjuggla, Fren, Flupper, STAT, dark



Nascar (Stern 2005) v0.8

[FSS Only] Author VPX zedonius

NBA-Fastbreak (Bally 1997)

[FSS Only] Author VPX: Aurich, bmiki75, jpsalas, hmueck

No Fear (Williams 1995) v1.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX Ninuzzu



Old Chicago (Bally 1975) v1.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX Loserman76, thanks to:Popotte and JPSalas, Pinuck, hauntfreaks, Borgdog, Arngrim

Old Coney Island (Game Plan, 1979) v1.2.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX: JPSalas



Paragon (Bally 1978)

[FSS Only] Author VPX bord, scripting help 32Assassin

Penthouse (Pinball Dreams ) v1.2

[FSS Only] Author VPX Batch

Pharaoh (Williams 1981)

[FSS Only] Author VPX 32assassin

Pinball Magic (Capcom 1995)

Author VPX unclewilly ART:grizz/Tom, SCR:rascal, PHY:ClarkKent, MOD:batch

Pinball Pool (Gottlieb 1979)

[FSS Only] Author VPX 32Assassin

Playboy (Bally 1978)

[FSS Only] Author VPX ICPjuggla and gtxjoe. PF/PL:Lord Hiryu, LOOG:zany, 3DM:dark, DIP:inkochnito



QBert's Quest (Gottlieb 1983)

[FSS Only] Author VPX Bord



Rapid Fire (Bally 1982) v1.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX Lizard

Red and Ted's Road Show (Williams 1994)

[FSS Only] Author VPX Knorr & Clark Kent, DOF Arngrim, 3d MJR, tst kiwi & gigagula

Robo-War (Gottlieb 1988)

Author VPX Dozer

Robocop (Data East 1989) v1.4

[FSS Only] Author VPX: ICPjuggla, Talantyyr, Dozer316 and dark, testers: zany, fren, Fulltilt, theloafer, gtxjoe

Robot (Zaccaria 1985)

[FSS Only] Author VPX 32assassin

Rocky & Bullwinkle (DataEast 1993) v0.96

[FSS Only] Author VPX: Zedonius, playfield: arconovum



Scared Stiff (Bally 1996)

[FSS Only] Author VPX Shoopity

Sexy Girl (Arkon 1980)

[FSS Only] Author VPX: Lizard

SilverBall Mania (Bally 1978)

[FSS Only] Author VPX 32Assassin

Simpsons Pinball Party, The (Stern 2003)

[FSS Only] Author VPX 32Assasin, Coindropper

South Park(Sega 1999)v1.2

[FSS Only] Author VPX Knorr

Space Invaders (Bally 1980)

[FSS/FS] Author VPX arconovum.

Space Station (Williams 1987)

[FSS Only] Author VPX: nFozzy

Spanish Eyes (Williams 1972)

[FSS Only] Author VPX jbg4208, scr/b2s BorgDog, gfx/snd Hauntfreaks,gfx Popotte

Spectrum (Bally 1981)

[FSS Only] Author VPX 32Assassin

Spider-Man (Stern 2007) v2.1

[FSS Only] Author VPX Alessio

Spider-Man VaultEd.(Stern 2016)

[FSS Only] Author VPX: ninuzzu

Spy Hunter (Bally 1984) v0.96

[FSS Only] Author VPX: 32assassin, PF:Francisco666

Star Trek (Bally 1979) v1.4

[FSS Only] Author VPX rothbauerw

Star Trek TNG (Williams 1993) 1.2

[FSS Only] Author VPX Knorr & Clark Kent, ani Ninuzzo, DOF Arngrim, 3d zany & mjr

Star Trek LE (Stern 2012)

[FSS Only] Author VPX nFozzy,scans JesperPark, Phy:JesperPark/Clark Kent, HMLF:Wrd1972/Rothbauer, SFX:Knorr/Clark Kent, 3DM:Zany/Dark, Ninuzzu

Start Trek Pro (Stern 2013)

[FSS Only] Author VPX FreneticAmnesic

Star Wars (DataEast 1992)

[FSS Only] Author VPX mfuegemann

Super Mario Bros (Gottlieb 1992) v1.3

[FSS Only] Author VPX Ninuzzu & Tom Tower



Tales from the Crypt (Data East 1993)

[FSS Only] Author VPX FreneticAmnesic

Taxi (Williams 1988)

[FSS Only] Author VPX 32Assassin, dark for ramps

Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (Williams 1991) v2.5

[FSS Only] Author VPX 32Assassin

Theatre of Magic (bally 1995) v1.0

[FS.DT.FSS] Author VP9 JPSalas/ VPX Tom Tower , Ninuzzu

Time Fantasy (Williams 1983)

Author VP9 mfuegemann, VPX ganjafarmer, zany primitives, flupper1

Tommy (Data East 1994) v1.1

[FSS Only] Author VPX ninuzzu, ani Fren, scr Javier1515/JPSalas/GTXJoe & Shoopity, 3d Dark/Zany & Franzleo, DOF Arngrim

TOTAN (Williams 1996) v1.1.1.b

[FSS Only] Author VPX jpsalas, thx also Grizz ,ClakKent ,randr, Michael Gallo

Tri Zone (Williams 1979) v1.0.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX Kiwi

Tron Legacy (Stern 2011)

[FSS Only] Author VPX ICPJuggla. VBScript by 85vett, moded for VPX by freneticamnesic. FP by francisco666, rom, Glxb, with additions by fren

Twilight Zone, The (Bally 1993) v2.1

[FSS Only] Author VPX ninuzzu



Vector (Bally 1981)  [FSS Only] Author VPX 32Assassin Victory (Gottlieb 1987)  [FSS Only] Author VPX Sindbad               


Walking Dead, The (Stern 2014)

[FSS Only] Author VPX Dozer, ICPjuggla, Fren, Flupper, STAT, dark

Whirlwind (Williams 1990)

Author VP9 ICPjuggla, Cosmic80 and Herweh, VPX Walamab, 3D:Dark ramp mesh SCR:32assassin, Hauntfreaks color correction

White Water (Williams 1993)

[FSS Only] Author VPX Flupper

Who Dunnit (Bally 1995)

[FSS Only] Author VPX Tom Tower, ninuzzu, DJRobX

Whoa-Nellie (Wizbang 2011) v2.0

[FSS Only] Author VPX HauntFreaks

Wizard! (Bally 1975)

[FSS Only] Author VPX pinball58

World Poker Tour (Stern 2006)

[FSS Only] Author VPX FreneticAmnesic